Hey I wanna cosplay as yu, do you know any good places to find a good yu wig

This is the one that I use! Unfortunately they don’t ship outside of Japan.. Every where I get wigs is here in Japan so I’m not sure of any good ones that ship internationally.

Is there anyone with a good Yu wig that could help our friend out here?

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Are you at Otakon? Find us in the artist alley at table G06

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>You’re actually a little more scared by this than if the curry had been awful.

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hey, i was planning on cosplaying as souji for the next con i'm going to, and i got the link for the outfit you had before, but it's all in japanese. how would i go about ordering the clothes with dollars and an american card? do they have an option for that?

Unfortunately, I didn’t buy my jacket online. I bought it at a shop in Akihabara back in 2010. They did the first run of those jackets around 2008-2009. At the time I bought mine, they had already stopped manufacturing them. I was so shocked that I found one in my size that I had to buy it! As far as I know, they haven’t done another run of the COSPA jackets so I’m not sure if you’d be able to find them anymore. Sorry that wasn’t more helpful.

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» >Another year has come to an end…





Hey guys. I just wanted to take this opportunity to let everyone know that as of July 27th I’m moving overseas and won’t have internet access for a while. I’m not sure how long it will be exactly, but it’ll definitely be at least a week. (Most likely longer than that depending how long it takes me to get the service connected at my new place.)

Don’t worry, though, I have every intention of continuing this blog even after the move, so keep sending those questions in! I’ve also queued up a large amount of posts so there should definitely be enough to last until I get my net back.

As always, thanks for following and I’m glad you guys enjoy whatyuwannaknow! 

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